World War 3.0 (WW3)

The end of civilization or a new beginning after the apocalypse, that is the question. That there will be a third, fourth, fifth,… world war is more than likely. But what is in our hands is the question of when and where this takes place and to what extent. This ranges from cyberattacks, robot battles, drone battles without a human soldier to space. There is controversy over energy and resources at the poles as on all plates of our solar system.


We only escaped the deep ground when we reached the 1st stage of civilization. But borders, weapons, aggression and injustice must be overcome on the way. In addition, the history of war has always been a lucrative business for one side, especially the lenders and arms dealers, who ultimately always won. And even today, economic interests are in the foreground and background of conflicts. Every occupation means having to pay reparations and losing “treasures”. The cost of deploying US soldiers is said to be one billion in 10 years.

We still have enough ABC weapons to totally destroy the earth a thousand times over.

1. Reasons for a possible world war 3.0
2. Scenarios of a probable world war
3. Exits and end situations of a future world war
4. Avoidable and ending world wars
5. Instructions for action for a (world) war-free civilization One / 1.0

World War 3.0 (WW3)


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