Civilization Future X.0

Civilization Future X.0 (CivTypeOne)

The future of our civilization depends internally on social development, ecological sustainability, technological progress, social peace and economic growth, etc. External factors such as space (travel), extraterrestrial life forms, environmental climate change slow down or accelerate this process and give it to it Polarity between healthy utopia boom and final dystopia end time doom.

The step towards civilization one / one is a big leap in small steps. It is important to manage our planet as a home planet so that it is not destroyed, exploited and run down, but becomes a healthy overall system and remains long-term.



  1. Civilization Zero
  2. Civilization One
  3. Civilization 2.0
  4. Civilization III
  5. Civilization Quad

5.Civilization 5

  1. Civilization 6-9
  2. Civilization future
  3. What’s next, who is next…?


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