Future.Institute | ZukunftsInstitut | Future.Intelligence | Future University was founded 1920 by the Retzbach Family in Germany, starting 1988 with Roman Retzbach to be worldwide in all Metacities. Today it’s a global Network with Offices in over 100 countries. We call us all Professional Futurists (ProFuturists).

Our Think-Tank tasks & goals:
1. Workshops, Keynotes to Webinars in 3 levels (free, flat-rate, premium)
2. (Co-)Creating Futures Studies, Foresights to Scenarios to every industry and topic
3. Near-and far future(s) management – planning, organizing annual plans till 2100 to 10000
4. Early to advance warning of wildcards (natural to economic catastrophes, pandemics, solar flare, social revolutions, terrorisme, …)
5. Im-/Ambassador, Coaching & Mentoring program