You can register and sign up for one of our webinars below. These basic webinars with worth EUR 1,000 each are free of charge.
Each week, a new topic module runs on different days and times, all of which build on each other. After the end of the 10th module, the basic webinar series starts again and you can repeat missed appointments. If you have participated in all 10 modules, you can receive a certificate for futurists.
Also discover our business and professional webiners from 2.000 $ to 5.000 $.
Please register in time for limited places. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail as confirmation, in which you will also find the link to participation and the access data for the webinar.
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These are our webinar future topics:
– How do we work, l (i)uve and  consume in the future (2020 – 2030 – 2050 – 2100)?
– What is the future of the business and what are the future business models?
– What innovations, technologies and StartUp inventions await us in the future?
– Digital Marketing of the Future – Influencer Power, Neuro-Brain, Science-Fiction ..?
RoBots, nano, bio-tech, cloning, AI, virtual reality … what will be important in the future?
– How do you make your company fit for the future? How future-proof?
– Business with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Solutions for social and climate change
– How to become a digital superstar and AI hero?

Many of these and more future questions will be answered.
Basic webinar series in 10 modules:
– Module 1: Work, Life (-style) and Consumption in future
– Module 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Module 3: RoBots, Nano, Bio-Tech, Clones, AI, VR / AG / MR
– Module 4: Future Business Models
– Module 5: Digital to Influencer Marketing
– Module 6: Digital superstar and AI hero
– Module 7: Social and climate change
– Module 8: Innovations, Technologies and Start-ups
– Module 9: Fit for the future and future-proofed (business) world
– Module 10: Special extra topics (micromobilies,  migration, hydrogen power cells, …) ***