Future Ambassador & Partner Program 2020-2030

Download: Future Ambassador & Partner Program – by Future.Institute

Co-Create Your Future!

– the new Future Ambassador & Partner Program 2020-2030 of the Future.Institute│Future.University

You start in 3 levels to get an Ambassador and/or Partner. Normally it takes 3-5 years to get a full ambassador partnership. Within you must not wait till to the next level, because we individualize all careers. So, we decide together, than you are ready for the next level. So also, you need a break, we do not forget you and only park your account for you and wait you are back!

The good news is, that the program is free of any paid membership. You are also free to make your own opinion – you must not share our thinking, but share our mindset as independent free futurist. You can use free all advantages of our membership.

First you begin as rookie on the “Future Moderator” level, that you can compare with group organizers like in Linkedin e.g., co-editors for forums, blogs, media articles. This for because we want to make you a future expert with the time. And as many bloggers, influencers and journalists you develop your main as favourite topics to report and discuss with the people. We want that you find fans & friends, who follow you – like on social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, …). A future moderator is more than a marketing influencer or brand ambassador but also uses the power of the crowd. You have your own topic group(s) under our image – like in a franchising system we support you, but you decide.

On the second level stage you get an “Future Agent” and can choose between a “Future Business Angle” or a “Future Society Partner”, one to activate, gain and speak to more managers and companies, so combinate it with your profession or your own business. Or you talk to the public audience like in Facebook & co. and be the contact person for social business projects to private concepts. We understand us here as start-up incubators and accelerators for you as support you to create as found own start-up ideas for you or others. That means you try to engage motivated people to start their projects, and we can support this with Future Certificates and proof these concepts after their future success (like sustainability, foresight innovation prognosis, technology evaluation, …). So, your ‘customers’ and ‘clients’ can get

Future Certificates as Micro Credits to start-up! For each demanded “Future Certification” or “Future Membership” at us you get an agency fee as Future Agent like a provision or courtage. We do not use this profit commercial but invest it in micro credits again.

On the third level you can decide to do this job professional full-time as free-independent Future Partner to us or get our Future Ambassador. Your tasks remain as future moderator to future agent, but you are now also our Future Representative – in all questions. As future moderator you prove others that you are now like a future expert in your topic, as future agent you learned to find new business to start-up models and build a bridge to the Start-Up scene, who share with us future visions of a better world, and also want to build a new future. As Future Ambassador you get exceptionally good connected now to many managers, influencers, press and companies.

But please be careful, a Future Ambassador like a Futurist is not a Seller nor a Consultant. It is our job to be free as independent and not predict, forecast, foretell what others want that we announce!

When you are interested – call us back! We are also future-open for other ideas and ways to get together.



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Roman A. Retzbach
ProFuturist & Ambassador
Future Scientist for Futures Studies


国 际未来学院 / 国 际趋势学院
:: Future.Consulting │ Futures.University│ Future.Intelligences ∞
Futures Sciences & Futures Studies
International Future.Holding for advisory and researching future(s) sciences
Stuttgart – Berlin – Shanghai – Toyko – New York – Silicon Valley


fon: +49 711 806575-31                              fax: +49 711 806575-33
mob: +49 1520 130 8488                             Roman.Retzbach@Future.Institute


Roman Retzbach is a German professional futurist and speaker for the Future.Institute, ZukunftsInstitut, Future.University and Future Intelligences. As an international futurologist, he lives and works in Germany, and has been in the United States for 10 years like China. His research topics are the future sciences and futures studies, which as futures and megatrends determine our lives such as business 2020, 2030, 2050 to 2100.

Future.Institute was founded 1920 in Germany, starting 1988 to be worldwide in all metacities. Today it is a global network with online offices. We’re all professional futurists (ProFuturists)
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Download: Future Ambassador & Partner Program – by Future.Institute