Digital-Bio (R)Evolution

Why for the futurist Roman Retzbach applies: Bio follows digital


Roman Retzbach – Futurist – Owner & Founder Future.Institute [Source: Future.Institute]


“Digitization cannot be stopped”, says futurist Roman Retzbach. As the next big trend, he predicts the beginning of a Biological Age in which Bio-tech will play the main role that digital (R)Evolution will make possible.

The corona pandemic has triggered a surge in digitization in many areas. How sustainable are such processes after a possible end to the pandemic?
Digitization cannot be stopped. We have already walked half of the way, which is why it is no longer possible to turn back or turn back. Otherwise we would almost fall back into the Stone Age, and as a high-tech research location we would finally lose any connection to globalization, especially since we are now almost at the bottom of the industrial countries in research and growth and only from the structures and structures that were created 50 years ago Innovations benefit. We are caught in a time trap with the coming aging society and the ongoing shortage of skilled workers. This gap can only be “mastered” digitally by smart assistants and AI nursing assistants.


We are in the middle of the digital flow, even if from a global perspective we are on the verge of development, but not of possibilities. On the one hand, this is due to the outdated infrastructure since World War II, the modernization of which swallows huge sums of money. It is easier for China, India, Turkey and many African countries because they can start everything over on the greenfield without all investments fizzling out. In Europe and especially in bureaucratic planning-loving Germany, the road is being torn open again and again for just one single project – in Asia everything that will be needed in the future (fiber optics, hyperloop, superconductivity …) will be laid underground – this is pragmatic Asian and American working style.

Our 5 hybrid dinosaur ex-flagship industries, automotive, mechanical engineering, chemistry versus nutrition and the Janus face electronics versus electrical engineering are more future-resistant, but Titanic steamers have become immobile and difficult to maneuver. This is also evident when it comes to autonomous and digital mobility. Our economy is at a dead end and urgently needs a global digital connection.

In the coming year, the EU wants to adopt regulations for AI. What impact could that have?
There will be “reasonable” solutions typical of Europe, just like the DGSVO was and will be. The “1 step forward and 2 steps back” mentality is slowly turning into a 1: 1 ratio, because many things are not feasible in practice, as society has a big stomach that digests everything. So it was with the body or naked scanners at the airport and the police’s body cams, video surveillance in public places, etc. In the end, like the lockdown, it becomes a habit and convenience prevails. So it has been with all outcry and catastrophe to conspiracy thinking so far, from robots, clones (dolly) to designer babies. As toys in the nursery to family / care substitutes in old people’s homes, they conquer our hearts from an early age, so that one day we will not want to and cannot do without them in our lives. And so it will be with the active and passive corona vaccination obligations – if you want to travel, you have no choice – and AI as a job killer who will take over and delete almost 99% of all our jobs and professions from today in the future. On the one hand, artificial intelligence is recognized in humanistic Europe as a “way of life” with the same civil rights as everyone else, on the Mephisto side it is dismissed by the media as diabolical job killing machines, just as robots once did as terminator killers. But the future always turns out differently than was thought in its time. People’s fear of the future has been the same for centuries, and after optimistic euphorism followed by apocalypse pessimism, reality ultimately remains. In this – evolutionary for ages – we as humans regulate the rules of the game, both virtual and real.


We have implemented this successful safety strategy with the car that protects us from death and accidents, nuclear power, and is just as consistently used as an artificial sun in quantum computers and fusion reactors. All new technologies have always been a risk and a weapon like hope and opportunity at the same time, ranging from kitchen knives and elevators to gravitational bombs.

We discuss this dilemma before this occurs. But as with the grandma-or-child decision for autonomous vehicles, the error lies in the details. Future research is like a diaboli advocate here, since, as with the chicken-or-egg question, an anticipatory answer has long been presented, namely, as in quantum research, the simultaneous state of both events. The question in and of itself is aphorically self-canceling, as both accidents must be predictable and thus avoidable. I.e. preventively need not and will not arise in the first place. Like the 3 robot laws by Isaac Asmimov, which are to be supplemented by 2-3 laws or conditions that emphasize freedom and (civil) rights – like us humans – on the other, oblige to communication. Such (game) rules were and are that brought us forward as a species and kept us going. These apply to AI software, robots, bio-drones, clones and extraterrestrial life at the same time. All of these existences are part of the Civilization 1.0 that we are striving for. On the bridge there, AI robot mutant beings and others will have to accompany us, without them it will not work. Or can you imagine a life without “electricity” today?

The supply of 5G should improve significantly in the near future. What are the opportunities?

In the USA they are already working with 6G and in South Korea like China on the 7G network. Their options will make the vulnerable 5G an interim solution. But without the use of 5G we will not get any further in Europe. 5G + is the control test bench and lubricant for IoT, artificial intelligence systems, autonomous driving and augmented to virtual reality applications. Our location depends on the drip of this digital development, not to be left behind any more globally. Today we are on the Internet on a winding country road, 5G is not yet a real-time data highway, but at least the driveway there. Right in order to maintain medical care in our aging society, which we as centenarians or centauries or silver agers prefer to let ourselves drive and better give up our driving license or implement direct democracy. When technologies fail today, it is often the people behind them who caused it. Our mistakes also continue in our creatures (robots, clones, software …), but this also makes them more controllable. That we will be replaced by these is unlikely to impossible. In this sense, this also applies to 5G, which is flawed, but broadly points to the future.

What other trends are the most important for you for 2021?

The digital age has reached its peak with quantum computers and artificial intelligence. 2021 is the sign of the future civilization 1.0 that awaits us. As in the ping-pong game, the next move lies with us as organic beings. I.e. In the beginning biological age, bio-techs will play the main role, which is what makes digital (r) evolution possible in the first place. The killer applications are programmable biological substances, from controllable mRNA viruses, replication-capable bio-bots to smart-bots that help to upgrade our body (values). Instead of a prosthesis, in tissue engineering we use 4D printers to grow new organs (heart, artificial blood, …) such as artificial meat substitutes, arms with more capabilities like an exoskeleton – support structure in the form of a jacket, backpacks …

2021 will be characterized by highly developing, upgrading and upgrading our bodies, in order to draw level as bio-intelligence with the emerging artificial super-intelligence. The coming old age society of my baby boomer generation demands and encourages the desire to live longer healthily beyond the 100 year limit without age-related symptoms of fatigue and dementia.

Germany’s future task is to become more digital as quickly as possible as it gets old and older. It has the potential, like the nuclear phase-out, to find the third middle way between hard virtual reality and augmented reality, i.e. to digitally rejuvenate the old people’s home in Germany and to make it attractive for high potentials from all over the world. The construction plan and the blueprints are in the historical templates of the many medieval castles, palaces and art treasures to become a histotainment tourism location. This, combined with health tourism and autonomous guided vehicles, made it possible to guide visitors through the amusement park Germany. This is the future of Germany.

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