Artificial Intelligence (AI)

replacing – assisting/supporting – serving
Human-Bio-Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence – Superintelligence

Scenario 1
AI & RoBots are omnipresent and controlling everyone, making us to slaves (Big Brother, Automated Face / Speech / Schema Recognition (ASR), …), taking away 99% of all jobs and AI-Robots software are more (super)intelligent than we. We got basic income and we’re only in our Home Office.

Scenario 2
AI & RoBots are assisting us Humans and making life more comfortable (Autonomous Driving of Automobiles, Drones, …) – we’ve new work in creative, developing, planning to consulting jobs, …). We still go to work in Offices, … making us more intelligent (brain links, neuro enhancement…) – so AI-Robots and Humans get together in Symbiosis more intelligent.

Scenario 3
AI & RoBots are simulating our life in a New World, and together with Robots serving us, earning money for us and produce all free for us, AI make Pets to Plant able to speak with us … We get ourselves super intelligent A 6-year-old child can be so a Genius, Superstar and can create a new Exoplanet.


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