The European Futures Observatory (EUFO) – Call for Content & Emerging Fellows Programme 2021

The European Futures Observatory – Call for Content


2021 Emerging Fellows Programme


At the end of May 2020, a Coronal Mass Ejection narrowly missed the Earth’s path through space. We were then coming out of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and we had the prospect of the most significant economic downturn since 1707. What if, on top of that, we experienced a solar flare that fried most contemporary electronics?​ This is the theme of the 2021 Emerging Fellows Programme. What disruptions ought we to worry about that currently slip our attention? In this programme we will examine a number of selected Wild Cards that have the potential to occur in the near range future. Our time horizon will be the next 5 to 10 years. Initially, the world will be very familiar to us. And then it won’t be.

The five topics of enquiry will be:

1. The possibility of a digital darkness. (Fazidah bte Ithnin; Melaka, Malaysia)
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​2. The possibility of a significant breakdown in the food chain. (Marguerite Coetzee; Cape Town, South Africa)
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​3. The possible disruption after a solar flare. (Anne Kyoya; Nairobi, Kenya)
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4. The possibility of a catastrophic breakdown in social trust. (Chris Mayer; New York, USA)
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​5. The possibility of significant biodiversity loss. (Shiela R. Castillo; Manila, Philippines)
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