2021 Year of the Great Reset

A future story: “Once upon a time there was 2021, the year of the Great Return”

Dear Friends of the Future,

2021 was like a New Beginning and new Rebirth for many. However, the Future Fear as Fear of the Future of a New Pandemic stayed longer, people wanted to forget it. Concerns about the genetic long-term Effects of Mass Vaccinations did not stop either. The Master Plan for saving Mankind also had other side effects, as not only was there increasing Distance between people, but a cold Gap between Politics and Society and the Economy grew, which diverged ever further. The Social Controls like a China were just a foretaste of the fact that personal Data were not safe even with the state, especially the Corona apps. What was once the great Promise of Privacy Protection has given way to general, ‘indirect’ Security and Mandatory Vaccination Laws. Without proof of Vaccination you lived in 3rd grade, were no longer allowed to Travel, to any Restaurants or Canteens and were banned to the Home Office at Meetings. Corona had shown how helpless and incapacitated World Citizens were systematically.

The Future Experts had known for a long time that Surveillance would automatically increase in the course of technological Possibilities. The bigger our World Population got, even if it supposedly should have stopped at 12 Billion towards the end of our century, at 4 billion it was half more and created double Problems. The World was getting smaller and narrower, increasing aggression and conflict, as Science ‘foreseen’.

The Fact that the States exercised more and more Control was not due to their fault as Parties and respective Governments, but was the necessary evil to maintain the Balance of World Equilibrium. A spark had triggered World War III, but thanks to temporal Quantum Fusion Antimatter ‘Accidents’ it could be reversed or deleted. These Time Travel effects of the undesirable kind increased.

The Pandemic was only a harbinger and ‘foretaste’ of much bigger Problems and Dilemmas in the Future. Because the Human Payload was increasingly at the Expense of Nature on Earth, despite technological Progress. Mankind went beyond all Limits in the Mining and Exploitation of natural Resources and risked 99% of all Species and all Life at the final farewell End. Because no one wanted to go backwards like a technological Step backwards voluntarily, because that would have lost many Comforts. And so the building Block of our Mother Earth was laid as a Museum. Artificial Intelligence became the World Government and the Museum attendant as Guide …

Like a Domino Effect and synergetic Swarm Behavior, the 5 Future Riders had a mutual Effect. But more of that the Day after Tomorrow …

You can read here shortly how it continued …

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