10 Laws for Relationships & Future Love


  1. Always talk about all (likes, wishes, problems, sex, …) and never stop to communicate (Relation Killer No.1).
  2. Always solve your common conflicts and problems at once – not later. Reach 5:1 solvable solutions. Never transfer or misuse your partner for your own problems – but show your decisions and solutions. Also find every year 3-4 new projects to work together on it (travels, house, career, family, …).
  3. Always take time for your partner (career is No. 2…) and help your partner to self-actualization as self-consciousness). Also work on your self and develop further – never stop.
  4.  Always accept your partner on the same level – eye in eye – hands in hands, never play games (e.g. driving car together – don’t correct or control your partner).
  5. No Valentine Day, Birthday, … is important, but your individual celebrations (1. Together created special days, 2. marriage day, 3. birthday of then partner,…).
  6. Never run away and always work on your emotions (anger, …).
  7. Never betray & or cheat your partner, it always coming back as Karma as like a boomerang.
  8. You always have to go back and start again then you finish a relationship – and coming again to the same problem. So better go further in your actual relationship, or you always end at the samle frontier.
  9. Ask experts but try to solve your relations problems inside, never put it outside.
  10. Always accept that you need new(er) game rules and new agreements. Contentment (judgement – Verachtung) to resentment (Groll) are psychic problems to solve with experts (therapeuts, psychiater,…).


source: Gottmann Institute


4 Horsemen of relationship: Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt, and Stonewalling





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