The Bio-Tech-Age is starting up 2020 to 2030, supported by the virtual digitalization & artificial super-intelligences (SI). The Dark (Net) Age is rising till 2030, than the Light Age is coming up to 2050.

1. Autonomous Things (AT): 5G, Networks, Clouds, Smart Homes, Digital Twins

2. Autonomous Driving (AD): all Mobiles (Drones, Hyperloops, HydroCars, E-Scooters,…) to Space Travels

3. Autonomous Business (AB): Smart to Home Office, Blockchain 2.0, 3D plus, Precious Farming to New Productions

4. Autonomous Reality (AR): virtual-augmented mixed Multiexperiences, Smart Assistants, 3D Games,…

5. Autonomous Intelligence (AI): predictive to prospective Analytics, Super to Artificial Intelligences X. 0

6. Autonomous Health (AH): Cloning, Human Designing, 3D Bio printers, Tissue & Organic Engineering, Dna prognosis tests

7. Autonomous Society (AS): Generation Z to A+, Fridays for Future,… Free Religions, China vs. USa

8. Autonomous Multiverse (AM): Planets Space Age continuous with Mars Life Expeditions, Earth 2.0 to X.0 Civilisations,… till 2050, Hyper Spaceport Age starts up to 2100

9. Autonomous Gods (AG): virtual God Creators, Exoplanets, Terra Transforming

author: Roman Retzbach (pro-futurist, January 2020)

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