Program 2019

Our annual congress Future Summit is on December 1, 2019 in Stuttgart
10 am: Welcome by the futur(olog)ist Roman Retzbach
Future experts introduce themselves
10:30 Megatrends 2020 – 2030
11:00 5 forums
Artificial intelligence of the future
Future business models
New technologies and innovations
Politics and society with a future
Space travel
12:00 lunch
13:00 Forum reports
13:30 Election topics (to choose from)
Climate Change (Fridays for Future)
Basic Income (Experience Report)
Euthanasia or immortality
Africa – New China or 2. EUropa?
China or USA?
(Audience subject)
14:00 Science Fiction goes Future (SciFi authors present dystopias and utopias)
15:00 coffee break
15:30 Outlook & Visions 2100 (future expert K.K.)
16:00 Final discussion (Roman Retzbach with great future expert round)
Our annual congress on 1.12.2019 for all future experts and interested parties.

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