Interview with a Futurist

 What were the influences in your life that lead to you becoming a futurist?

 1.Science-Fiction, 2. The moon landing, 3. Background & profession of the Family (artist, scientist, manager,…)

My grandfather was an artist in the time 1910-1920 of Futurism (German: Futurismus) as an art style, so he was also called a Futurist. My grandpa brought the Futurist Mindset from Italy, where he often travels as an artist for orders from the Catholic Vatican. So, he brought up Futures Arts to Germany, from Stuttgart as hometown to Berlin. My grandpa was also founding the Future Institute (Zukunftsinstitut) in 1920, and I am the owner in the third futurist generation.

 My father as the second futurist generation was a scientist, working for the US East Kodak Company and responsible as research director. In his home office & labor, he was experimenting. He developed as an academic researcher many futures tools (scenarios, timelines,…) that he uses to make inventions.

I was growing between the creative Futurism style of my grandpa, Futurist Technologies of my father, educated by my mother for business and university, and learning from my grandma piano and violin.

We were 3 generations all living in a big house, first level the atelier as workrooms of my grandpa, second-level my father with his experiment labor, third level the musician salon of my grandma, where she was playing and teaching classic music as painting pictures, and then 2 more levels for living. I was often ‘beaming’ up and down between the levels to learn and work with. My mother was a manager with her own company, consulting, and investing in Futures. She escaped after the Second World War from Preußen in the North, which was taken by the Russians. She was aristocratic and taught us all that we need for society and business. And my whole family told me to do all, that never a Third World War will happen – they were all victims of two big crashes. My grandpa was in the first, my father in the 2nd World War. I promised my family that this will be forever my core motivation. The same I teach my son and daughter today again, the fourth Futurist as CivTypeOne Generation.

I love till today to read science fiction, American – the big 3 Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein and 2 extra H.G. Wells to  Philip K. Dick and the Europeans like the French Jules Verne, the English George Orwell to Aldous Huxley, the Polish Stanislaw Lem. Special France was the hot spot of Futures Studies till to the Second World War, then it was America. Till 2030 China gets leading, 2050 African Futurists.  

I was 5 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon – a dream and vision that inspired me till today. My religious grandpa said, now we will meet God one day and my scientific father added as countered that we now can get like in Buddhism ourselves Gods exploring the Universe and co-create new Exoplanets. Their discussions about space technologies, extraterrestrial life, cosmology, new gods, the infinite para multiverse inspired and formed me always to see the Future from 2 sides. The Future, as progress to re-evolution is always a risk as chance, has like a coin 2 sides that cannot be separated, a knife is a killing weapon as a tool in all our households. The same with the atomic age. My father was optimistic, my grandfather critical, I am in between. In our society everywhere the space utopia of a new life was running at that time in TV, newspapers as advertising. They showed from this time on  autonomous driving and flying mobiles, robots working in agriculture, building Meta cities and making our household. I was a testimonial to witness and dream like my whole generation of a technology paradise and utopia. Many toys (rockets, …) were made new and other planets play books for us children and youth.

Till today the utopia of the 60th is the masterplan for all innovations (Tesla,…) till 2030, because we want all these at that time to show autonomous cars, 24h robots working for us – so that we have only leisure time and must not work anymore.

And so, I and my generation started to believe in the space age, beaming, teleporters, space ships to travel through the Universe to time travel.



Can you tell us a little about your work as a futurist?

 A 1.Full-time job like a science journalist, 2. All my friends are futurists & the whole family discusses 3. Think different in many directions (Backwards from the Future)

Then the Atomic Age was coming up, I used this perspective and bipolar future instrument of my artist-academic grandpa and father, and made first many technology assessments to predictive analytics for the 3 big science institutes in Germany: Fraunhofer, Max Planck-/Leibniz Institute, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft. I was showing also the benefits as the risks of high tech innovations and balanced the conditions on how to develop them and socialize them to society. With the time I was invited to associations, universities, and foundations to hold speeches for nearly all technology industries. In the core, I developed a timeline and map for the next Million years. From there I use the Back-(from-the-Future)-Looking (Regnosis as re-prognosis) to make from every forwarding a backward. Like in a time travel compare and analyze, which innovations fit to 2050, 2100, 3000, …



When you are teaching future studies, do you see a change in your students’ perspective as they learn to be futurists?

 1.Looking more long-time, not only short-term e.g. how we live in 100 years, 2. Change their role (we can not change as a single person) to yes-we-can-co-create-the-Future and cause the World, 3. Do every day your Futures Studies exercises to respect all life (clones, robots, extraterrestrials,..), expect the unexpected, think the impossible, …

As a professional futurist and professor for futures studies, I see very fast developments and new thinking. The Future Mindset is early and fast-growing but stops always at the individual intelligence abilities. There are only a few super-foresight experts and future-spreaders that are able to go further and can imagine civilization 1.0, 2.0 to X.0. Many of my students are in B2B (business to business) foresight companies, doing long-time strategy planning for big companies or work in the trend industry (entertainment, consumer products, finance markets,…).

The reason is that I also teach that artificial intelligence is replacing 99% of our jobs in the future, that we feel 2030 more and more like super intelligent machines, live with robots, connect in a virtual matrix. Also my/our Futurist job will be done 2030 by intelligent smart bots, avatars to software assistants.

So most students, learning Futures Studies at the Free University, are going to the industry and work on new product innovations – also they can earn more than a freelancer or futurist. And in the Corona time now all our students don’t want to get any more futurists, more future managers with their own start-up company and co-create innovation products.



What lessons seem to have the biggest impact on their perspective?

 Questions & discussions like: Where are we coming from! Where are we going to …? What is beyond our Universe? Where is God …?  

1.Cosmology: understanding gravitation, multiverses, big bang to crunch the cosmic evolution,  … as look in the night sky and accept infinity, 2. Future History Revolution of big genies (inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, …), 3. Theory of Everything con Singularity where Tech becomes uncontrollable, irreversible, unforeseeable to human civilization.

First the “3i” – infinity, immortality, inviolability – to live forever in eternity. Image what you will do with life then you have thousands of years to live. Can do your own time travels, teleport to the never-ending universe, trans passover para and multiverses.

 Second, the repeating of all things, between the Big Bang – expanding Universe every day to Big Crash /Crunch / Chill / Rip and then starting again. The same big & gig history again as Karma and change to the next Multiverse.

 Third, the Theory of Everything meeting the Singularity. All forces are united to one, and then all is terminated and reborn. 

 Third the 10 Future Laws – I was written: All that we can imagine can get possible today or tomorrow. So, I believe in God – so it will or is existing, and not believing in Gods is also feasible and existing in any multiverse.


How can we help people to gain a more global perspective, quickly?

 1.Think & give (y)our children and people you love a new Future (Mindset), 2. What would you change in our world when you get a President? , 3. Ask questions like want to live only and must not work anymore?

 Believe in the Future and the possibility to know the Future. Lose the fear of terror, death, health risks, Corona, and find new solutions to ways to solve them. We can change the Future together and co-create our own Future. The Future Mindset is opening our eyes to understand the big, holistic theory of the Future. 

We must not make the same mistakes repeatedly. We can leave the devil cycle of war, aggressivity, and the demolition of ourselves and our planet. We can improve our personal life, find and make our job with future tools better, and rethink our life master plan. 

The Future is favorable to all Future-setup persons, who co-create their world to behave as optimistic-realistic.  Building up together the virtual-real Matrix of the Civilisation One gives you the ticket to transfer there. If you believe in life forever or not, a rebirth or transform your spirit in a matrix or not, a Future Mindset prepares you for your life after this life – and you do so the best for the people you love – your partner/s, children, friends. 

Your Future Mindset opens the Future-Intelligence of your children – the best we can do is have a sustainable Go(o)d Future!


Read more about this Futurist of the 3rd generation : here 



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